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Височина5'10" - 6" [175 см - 185 см]
Тегло160 - 180 фунта [70 - 80 кг]
Какво ме възбужда
Real attention;
Какво ме отблъсква
please don’t ask me for tokens! I support from my heart and not on demand ))
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Happy Birthday Liroy! I wish you many sunny happy days in your life and many smiles. I am glad to have such a long friendship with you! I am grateful to Bonga that thanks to him I met such a wonderful person like you. Have fun today and always❤
Thank you my dear! Thank you for everything that you do for me every day)) I am happy to have such a friend like you, you are always with me and support me in difficult situations, you always want to help me and lift my spirits every day! And of course you never forget to feed your beloved Valeria XD
Big kiss and big hug you too my dear frend😘 Thank you for always being with me))
What are you wonderful ***
My dear ! Good luck to you fly! I am already missing you! I hope you have a good time! I kiss you!❤️
Merry Christmas my friend))) Let your stockings be full of gifts, and your heart is full of positive emotions!
Thank you very much! I really appreciate what you do for me every day. Thank you for your support and protection from the bad guys, you are a real man and I really like it! Hug you. dear))
Thank you for your trust! I'm glad that our communication has now moved to a new level)) I'm happy to be called your friend, and I also consider you my closest friend to Bong. I embrace you with all my heart...
Thank you for the happiness that you give me every day😘